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Collections from kids and museums...
Love it? Collect it? Caboodle it!

About Caboodle

Caboodle's fun, free and full of fantastic photos taken by kids. It's a place to show off your coolest stuff and to get creative. Caboodle's all about your collections, with surprises from museums and galleries thrown in.

Once you've joined Caboodle you get your very own Caboodle page and profile. Then you get to upload your photos of whatever you collect. It could be almost anything... snail shells, toys, rocks or oddly shaped snacks. Spotty stuff, stripy stuff, lego creations or homemade treasures... we want to see it all. If you love it, Caboodle it!

Making Caboodles

You need between 5 and 20 photos to make a Caboodle so choose carefully. Name, describe and tag your Caboodle. The more you tag it the more people will find it. Submit it to Kit and he'll publish it (as long as it keeps to Caboodle rules!) for all the world to see.


You can favourite any Caboodle you like (except yours, that would be cheating!). Every time your Caboodles are favourited you get a Fave point on your profile page. Top Caboodles in Explore are the ones that get favourited the most.


Clubs are places to collect lots of Caboodles about the same kind of stuff. You can set up your own club and decide who gets to join. We'll keep an eye out for the best clubs and feature them on the home page.


The site has 6 categories for your Caboodles to live in - Arty, Toys, Nature, Random, People and Treasures. If Kit publishes your Caboodle you win a badge from that category for your profile.

Info for parents and teachers

Caboodle is a safe, free to use and fun website where children can upload and share photos of items that they collect. It's a chance to get creative and connect with museum and gallery collections at the same time.

Find out more here.

Info for museums and galleries

Caboodle is the ideal place to show off your collections to kids. Free to use, safe and fun, all you need is photos of collection items and a creative approach. You could Caboodle in character, set your young visitors Caboodling for you, set up clubs around key themes and tap into the latest hot topics.

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