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General information for adults

Caboodle is a fun and safe online space for children. We encourage children to photograph the things they care about, play with, make or notice and then to show their photos off to the wider world. Caboodle also gives museums, galleries, libraries, archives and other cultural organisations an online facility to display their collections in ways that children will appreciate and enjoy. Whilst the educational potential of Caboodle is huge our primary aim is simply to give children a playful, creative experience where they feel valued and find out about all sorts of stuff.

What do children need to get started?

Caboodle is free to use and aimed at children aged between approx 7 and 13 years of age, though all content is suitable for viewing by children under the age of 7 as well.

To sign up, children need permission from a parent, carer or teacher and also access to an email account in order to activate their membership.

The site's all about sharing and showing off pictures so children need a selection of digital photos ready to upload. Photos should be saved at between 500 and 1600 pixels wide and each must be no more than 2MB filesize. To create a 'Caboodle' they need at least five photos. See photo tips for more info.

Caboodle in the real world

The Caboodle website is one element of a wider Caboodle project supporting and promoting 'real world' play and activities for children with a cultural focus. Across the UK a wide range of cultural venues and providers run regular clubs and activity sessions for the children in their communities - clubs about art, nature, archaeology, science and much more. We will shortly be launching a Caboodle section of our main Culture24 website packed with information about hundreds of these clubs, giving parents and teachers all they need to know to get children connected and involved.

The Caboodle team is also working on a range of downloadable 'Caboodle Kits' aimed at after-school club leaders, teachers, museum education officers, parents and anyone else working with groups of children. The kits will contain all you need to set up a Caboodle Club with the children in your care. From membership certificates and stickers to Caboodle collection labels and logbooks - the kits will cover it all. We'll also provide a wide range of tried and tested session ideas, some from the Caboodle team, others published by cultural venues. The first kits will be online in June 2009.

Please see our Legal Stuff page for information on safety, copyright and terms of use.