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Caboodle Rules

Caboodle is a website for children and for museums.

If you are under 12, you will ALWAYS need to get your parent, teacher or guardian's permission before contacting and interacting on the Caboodle website - whether sending Caboodle emails or signing up to the Caboodle website, especially if you are providing us with personal information.

Make sure you read the 'For children' section of our Legal Stuff page too.

Caboodle is fun and safe to use. Please stick to these rules to keep it that way. It is important you read through these rules and be sure to get your parent, teacher or guardian to read and discuss them with you.

  1. Be clean
    It's your job to make sure nothing you upload to Caboodle would offend any other users. So, no rudeness, no bad language - keep it clean!
  2. Be kind
    Always be kind on Caboodle - make sure if you post pics of your friends that they are happy for you to do that and always be nice in your descriptions. Keeps us all happy that way :)
  3. Be careful
    Make sure you don't give out any personal info. Keep your password secret and use a nickname on Caboodle. When you post pictures be sure not to identify yourself or your friends - no school logos, no addresses, no real names.

    We read everything before it's published. If you post any words or pictures that are rude or offensive they will definitely not be published. We will delete it/them and we might ban you from using Caboodle again.
  4.   Copyright on Caboodle
    Only upload pictures that belong to you. It's very important that you don't upload pictures that belong to anyone else unless you have their permission.

    Sometimes we might want to use the pictures you upload to Caboodle on our other websites, in adverts or in print. By uploading a picture or description you (as an individual, not a museum) are giving us (Culture24) permission to do this, wherever and whenever we want, forever.

    We would never give permission for anyone else to use your pictures without your permission.

    Caboodle, Kit, Ace, our logos and the rest of the website belong to Culture24.
  5. Looking after your pictures
    We will do our best to make sure that your pictures are safe on Caboodle and that the site is always available. However, we can't guarantee that the site will always be live, forever. So, please make sure you keep original copies of all of your pictures safe offline.

For the full, adult version of this information see our Legal Stuff page.