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Smoking Weed

I also smoke crack cocaine

Creations On Paint

Pictures that you make on paint

I hate 1D

People who Hate 1d

Yay Cartoons

You have to like cartoons to join this club

Most Caboodles

5 caboodles
Wizzy Club

For people from my school

5 caboodles
Cookie loversss

You must be a cookie monster :D

5 caboodles
Terrific Textures

These are of random textures, in random Places, And a random club!!!

5 caboodles

For the people who luv cheese!!!

Most Members

Cookie loversss - 7 members

You must be a cookie monster :D

CheeseLuvers - 7 members

For the people who luv cheese!!!

Guitars of the World! - 7 members

This is the place for Twang-tastic Cool ROCKING guitars! Lets do it!

Daft things of the world! - 7 members

People who LOVE daft things!

Real World Caboodle Clubs

Coming soon! All you and your friends need to set up your own fun-packed real world Caboodle Club.