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Musical Instruments
Some of the weird and wonderful musical instruments in the Horniman collection. Photos by Heine Schneebeli.
Masks and Models
Masks and models from all over the world which can be found in the Centenary Gallery at the Horniman. Photos by Heine Schneebeli.

Some of the great stuff to be found in the collection at Colchester Museum
Museum Mission: 'Wood is Good'
O.k, so I was minding my business when Ace said, 'Yo 8 year old dude, get to Storrington on a Caboodle Mission!'. I did it!

Museum Mission: 'Baby in Gasmask'
I finally made it to Storrington Museum on a Caboodle mission. It was awesome! I've never seen so many cool old things, but, I am only 10.
Scary Monsters
There are scary images of monsters on some of our arms and armours. Which one do you think is the scariest?

Royal Armouries Caboodle
Check out this cool collection of all sorts of armour - even armour for animals!
ww2 stuff
a colletoin of wartime bits and bobs